Canada Wipes Inc, MIGHTY WIPES was created with the key purpose of providing a superb line of plant based products that are nature’s powerful cleaners. We are introducing to the market four products: Soapy Hand Cleaning Wipes, Automotive Degreaser Wipes, and Kitchen and BBQ Degreaser Wipes. No Water Required!

Our Soapy Hand Cleaning Wipes are exactly that, Soapy and Wet. They powerfully remove odours and dirt while washing and cleaning your hands. They are very gentle on your skin leaving your hands feeling clean, fresh and soft. Our intent was to create a soapy wipe that is Great for on the Go! We want YOU to be able to wash your hands ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! No Water Required!

The Kitchen and BBQ Degreaser Wipes were made to solve all your cleaning dilemmas. Fantastic in the Kitchen to remove grease from stove, counter tops and other surfaces. Ideal for wiping the Barbeque before and after cooking to clean and remove food particles and grease. Taste the food you’re eating, not what was cooked before! Ensure grill is cool before wiping.

The Automotive Degreaser Wipes are a Powerful Industrial Strength solution that cleans and removes grease, oil and grime off automobiles, motorcycles, equipment, tools and work surfaces. And don’t forget to use them to wipe the grease off your hands!

All our MIGHTY WIPES products are plant based and odourless.

We believe Personal Hygiene is the starting point to a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle!

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